Playing with Gil Scott-Heron’s Midnight Band!

This Saturday (July 21st) is going to be a marathon of a day, but I’m really, really excited about it.

First, I’ll be playing a solo set at 11 am at the Allston DIY Fest in Ringer Park. This is the third annual DIY fest, and it’s always awesome–it’s all run and organized by volunteers and will feature live music, workshops, a huge free swap, and more!

Then, I’m off to play a wedding, but I’ll be coming back to Cambridge that night for a show that I’m so honored and humbled to be playing:

On Saturday night, the Middle East Downstairs is hosting a tribute show for Gil Scott-Heron and political prisoners. The show will feature amazing performers and special guests, and I’m so excited to be sitting in playing bass with Gil Scott-Heron’s very own Midnight Band. This band has had (and continues to have) such an incredible influence on jazz, soul, funk, and hip hop, I’m beyond looking forward to making music with, and alongside this group of such accomplished and talented musicians this weekend. All proceeds from this show will benefit the grassroots movement of freeing political prisoners, and it is a show for ALL AGES! Tickets are available here.