Shows this week

This last week has been crazy! Between the Ezekiel’s Wheels southeast tour and all the stuff that’s happened in Boston over the past week, I’m pretty exhausted. I’ll post more details from the tour when I get a chance, but in the meantime I figured I’d update about all the shows for this week:

poster scan with textThis evening (Saturday, April 20th), I’ll be playing at the New England Folk Festival with Mierlita. We’ll be playing our set of Moldovan gypsy jazz tunes at 6 pm.

Tomorrow (Sunday, April 21st), I’ll be playing with Honeysuckle Hoedown at the Hebrew Rehabilitation House in Roslindale at 2:30 pm. We’ll be playing an hour of bluegrass and country tunes.

On Tuesday (April 23rd), I’ll be at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge playing with the Kristen Ford Band for the first time in a couple months. Kristen’s finally coming back from a massive tour that’s covered much of this country as well as many cities in Europe. The show starts at 9 pm and will also feature Bess Rogers and Matthew Santos. Admission is $8 and advance tickets can be found here.

On Wednesday (April 24th), I’m excited to be playing a solo set to open my friend’s Boston movie premiere of “What I Love About Concrete“. I’m mostly excited to see the movie because I’ve been hearing about it for so long, and it’ll be fun to have a chance to perform some of my solo material again. The evening starts at 7 pm, and please contact me for the address if you are interested in coming.

Laura-CorteseThen on Thursday (April 25th), I’ll be up at the Village Tavern in Salem with the Cold Chocolate trio (Ethan Robbins on guitar, James McIver on banjo, and myself on bass). We’ll be playing original and classic bluegrass and Americana tunes all night starting at 8 pm.

Friday night (April 26th), Spider Cider will be playing out for the first time since the fall, which is exciting. We’ll be performing as part of the Dirty Gerund Road Show at Clark University out in Worcester.

Then on Saturday night (April 27th), I’m excited to be playing with Laura Cortese for her CD release shows at Passim in Cambridge. We’ll be playing two shows, one at 7 pm and one at 10 pm. Her new CD Into the Dark is great, I’ve been listening to it a bunch to learn all of tunes, so it should be a really good show.

Ok that’s all of them for the week! I’ll be posting more about the tour, as well as some other exciting musical developments soon.

weekend shows and media!

I have a bunch of upcoming shows this weekend, and some relevant media to share:

First, on Friday (November 30th), I’ll be playing a solo set at Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge. The last Friday of every month, my friend Nicole D’Amico and her band hosts a night of live music starting at 8 pm, and I’m looking forward to playing at this month’s. It’s been awhile since I played a public solo set, but I’ve been working on solo arrangements a lot recently for my grad school audition tape. Here’s a track from the recording I made over the weekend, as a preview for the stuff I’ll be doing on Friday. It’s a recomposition of a tune by my friends’ band The Bearcubes, and it can also now be found (along with a new solo arrangement of my original tune “Lullaby for Virginia Woolf”) on my audio page:

Then, on Saturday (December 1st), once I breathe a sigh of relief after submitting my grad school application, I’m headed downtown to play on The Birn (Berklee’s radio station) with Cold Chocolate. We’ll be playing roughly around 4 pm, so tune in to hear us live on the radio!

On Sunday (December 2nd), Ezekiel’s Wheels is headed out to Worcester for Klezmer Konquest at the Worcester JCC. We’re a little perplexed by how come we keep getting roped into klezmer battles of the bands, though we’ve also been told that the “konquest” part of the night is mostly just for the sake of advertising alliteration. Apparently it’s not actually a contest, and instead just a concert featuring three local klezmer bands, but that’s probably for the best.

On the topic of Jewish music competitions, though, the hour-long TV documentary of the big finale concert at the International Jewish Music Festival is completed and can be viewed on the Joodse Omroep network’s website. It’s mostly in Dutch, and we come in about 35 minutes into it, but the whole show is worth watching.

Mierlita debut!

This weekend I have a couple gigs I’m looking forward to, including the performance debut of a new band!

On Saturday (September 22nd) I’ll be playing at Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge–it’s a neat, quirky little art gallery that also has a lot of live music and other community events going on. Saturday’s festivities include a BBQ and an open mic starting around 7. Around 9, I’ll be playing a few solo tunes to open up for the newly-formed Meirlita (which is pronounced meer-LITZ-uh and means “blackbird” in Moldovan). This band is the brainchild of fiddler Jon Cannon, who I play with in a number of other groups. Last summer, Jon and and violinist Abigale Reisman (who is also in Mierlita) traveled to Moldova to study the the local traditional violin style. They learned a ton of really gorgeous melodies as well as the unique ornamentation and phrasing that embellishes those melodies. Jon’s idea was to set these melodies (played by two fiddlers) to a gypsy jazz rhythm section, which is where I come in on bass, along with Sasha Kern on guitar. We haven’t been playing together long (yet), but I’m excited by the sets of tunes we’ve put together in that short time. Hopefully we’ll be putting together some kind of recording in the near future that’s a step up from the recordings on Jon’s phone which are currently on our soundcloud page… Anyway, if you’re in the Boston area on Saturday, I definitely recommend checking out all the music (and food) happening at Out of the Blue.

Then, on Sunday (September 23rd), I’m playing with Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate at Toad in Porter Square. I’ve surprisingly never been to Toad, even though it’s one of the most popular acoustic venues in the area. I’m looking forward to my first time being a performance–it should be a good one, too, we’ll be playing some new songs and new arrangements. We’ve been playing a bunch recently in preparation for starting recording on our first full-lenght album, which will hopefully be ready by next summer. We’ll be recording everything ourselves over the next several months. Our first recording weekend is coming up in November, so it’ll be great to be trying out new arrangements and tunes at upcoming shows. Sunday’s Toad show will start at 9 pm.

shows this week and Amsterdam in October!

I’ve got a bunch of fun shows this week:

Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 7th) I’m playing at the Cantab’s Tuesday bluegrass night. I’ll be playing with Frank Drake (mandolin), Ethan Robbins (guitar), and James McIver (banjo) under the name The Bottom Shelf Stringband, which seems to have become the name for any pickup bluegrass band with friends that needs a name to play under for a show. In any event, it’s a great lineup and I’ve heard great things about bluegrass night, I’m excited to finally have the chance to check it out. Music starts around 9 pm, and I hear there’s jamming both before and after the show.

Then on Wednesday (August 8th), I’m back at Cantab again with Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits. We’re opening this time for our pedal steel player, Dave Rizzuti’s band Candy Tangerine. Music starts at 8 pm and it’ll be our last show of the summer before Rachel heads back down to Philly. We’ve also been hard at work putting together an EP before she leaves, too–even though it won’t be available at the show, I’ll definitely make an announcement when it’s finished, as it’s coming along really well.

On Thursday (August 9th) I’m headed over to Precinct in Union Square to play as part of a show entitled Together We Fall Apart: A Live Mixtape. The clever show concept is a brainchild of my friends Steve and Kirsten from The Crazy Exes from Hell. Basically, they enlisted the help of many local musicians and performers to choose a tune from a list of breakup songs, arrange a cover, record it, and submit it to be part of a “mixtape” (on CD). The show on Thursday will basically be live performances of the songs from the album, and a copy of the album comes free with admission. I did a solo voice and bass cover of the Sam Cooke tune “Get Yourself Another Fool” (which I’m also just excited to now have in my repertoire) and will be performing alongside many friends and awesome fellow Boston-based musicians. Show starts at 8 pm.

Friday (August 10th) I’m headed to Andy’s Old Port Pub in Portland, ME with the Kristen Ford Band.

Also! I have some exciting news to share from the land of Ezekiel’s Wheels: we were recently invited to participate in the International Jewish Music Festival’s 3rd International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam! We were selected as one of 24 bands to compete (and we’re one of only two bands from the United States in the contest), and we’ll be in Europe for a week in October to play, attend the festival, and explore the area. We’ll be setting up a kickstarter campaign soon to help pay for travel and accommodation costs, and I’ll be posting with more information about that soon.

Whew, well that’s pretty much all for this week. Stay posted for more news about travel plans and upcoming albums!

Playing with Gil Scott-Heron’s Midnight Band!

This Saturday (July 21st) is going to be a marathon of a day, but I’m really, really excited about it.

First, I’ll be playing a solo set at 11 am at the Allston DIY Fest in Ringer Park. This is the third annual DIY fest, and it’s always awesome–it’s all run and organized by volunteers and will feature live music, workshops, a huge free swap, and more!

Then, I’m off to play a wedding, but I’ll be coming back to Cambridge that night for a show that I’m so honored and humbled to be playing:

On Saturday night, the Middle East Downstairs is hosting a tribute show for Gil Scott-Heron and political prisoners. The show will feature amazing performers and special guests, and I’m so excited to be sitting in playing bass with Gil Scott-Heron’s very own Midnight Band. This band has had (and continues to have) such an incredible influence on jazz, soul, funk, and hip hop, I’m beyond looking forward to making music with, and alongside this group of such accomplished and talented musicians this weekend. All proceeds from this show will benefit the grassroots movement of freeing political prisoners, and it is a show for ALL AGES! Tickets are available here.

last minute show

This is last minute, but I’m going to be playing tonight at Big Night Out at The Burren in Davis Square in Somerville (apparently one of the other bands dropped out). I’ll most likely be doing a solo set, though there’s a chance that my Spider Cider bandmate Jacob Dinklage will come join me for a couple tunes on rap and spoken word. The show starts at 8:30 with music from Kara Kulpa, The Safest Place, and Liz Cook. There will also be poetry, though the poets have yet to be announced. I’ll be closing the show (around 10:30).

Also stay tuned, I’m going to be posting about the new Ezekiel’s Wheels and Bottom of the Well EPs soon!

solo set and bottom of the well

I’m excited for these two shows early next week:

On Monday, May 28th, I’m playing a solo set as the musical feature for the Dirty Gerund poetry open mic at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester. I’ll also be playing and improvising with the house band all night to accompany the poets. Back in the fall, Spider Cider played as the musical feature (opposite poet Andrea Gibson!) and it was a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to playing again on Monday, and getting to check out the featured poet Aslan King. Show starts at 9 pm and it’s a suggested donation of $2.

Then, on Tuesday, May 29th, I’ll be at Sally O’Briens in Somerville, as usual, except Kristen Ford won’t be playing this week. Instead, Kara Kulpa will be filling in (backed by Ariel and myself) as the house band for the night. To open for her, Ariel and I will be playing a Bottom of the Well set–complete with our new EP! (We’re still working on getting the tracks up online, so for now it’s just available in person…) The show starts at 8 pm, and as always, it’s free!