Toad on Saturday

549764_345292045570324_1050574198_nThis has been a relatively mellow week compared to the craziness of the past couple weeks, which has been nice. Instead of a bunch of gigs, I’ve been in the studio a couple bands. Ezekiel’s Wheels had a successful second recording day over the weekend, and yesterday I finished up the vocal harmonies on the upcoming Rachel Aumiller EP.

Speaking of bands who have been recording recently, this Saturday (March 9th) I’ll be paying with Cold Chocolate at Toad in Porter Square. It’s always a really great time playing there–it’s a small, chill bar and there’s never a cover. We’ll be playing from 10 pm until 1 am, so come drop by! I’m sure we’ll be doing a number of our newer tunes (which are coming together really nicely for the album), as well as all of the classics.

tomorrow at sally’s

534502_303399923092870_283623710_nLast weekend was fun down in NYC playing with Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits at Union Hall in Brooklyn. I also got to visit some Oberlin friends, which is always great.

Tomorrow night (Thursday, December 20th) I’ll be playing a short set with Rachel, and a much longer set with Cold Chocolate at Sally O’Brien’s in Union Square. We’ll be trying out a bunch of new stuff since we’re still deciding what to record for the new album. Music starts at 8 pm with Tigerman, and then I’ll be playing basically the rest of the night.

This is technically the first show of the Cold Chocolate winter tour, though we’re not actually leaving Boston as a band until the first weekend of January. I’ll be posting more soon with route details–we’ll be stopping in Baltimore, Philly, NYC, and New Haven. Tomorrow night’s the last chance to see the full band play in the Boston area before we leave, though, so come check it out–it’s a free show!

Illegits in Brooklyn

This weekend, I’m headed down to New York City to play with Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits for our first show since this past summer. We’ll be playing this Saturday (December 15th) at Union Hall in Brooklyn along with King Stork and The Happy Hours. Even though we haven’t been playing publicly recently, we have been busy finishing up our first EP, which will be released this winter. If you’re in NYC this weekend, though, come check out the live show–it starts at 10 pm and costs $8.

For those of you not in NYC and closer to Boston, we’ll also be playing a short set next Thursday night at Sally O’Briens–I’ll be posting more details about that show next week!

Wednesday shows

16049_311877705578425_613285395_nTomorrow (Wednesday, December 5th), I’m going to be playing three different shows:

First, at noon, I’ll be making my debut with the Boston-based kid-oriented band Animal Farm. It’s a mixture of singing, playing, and acting. We’re playing a school assembly at the Pierce School in Brookline.

Next, at 7 pm, I’ll be playing a short set at the Middle East Downstairs with Evan Greer and Spiritchild. We’ll be opening up for The Coup, which is really exciting.

Finally, at 10 pm, I’m playing a couple sets at Toad with Cold Chocolate. We’re going to be trying out some new tunes, and it’s a free show, so come on by!

Also, Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits now is online, just in time to advertise our show in NYC in a couple weeks, as well as our debut EP, which will be released digitally by the end of the year, and on discs early next year. Stay tuned!

shows this week and Amsterdam in October!

I’ve got a bunch of fun shows this week:

Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 7th) I’m playing at the Cantab’s Tuesday bluegrass night. I’ll be playing with Frank Drake (mandolin), Ethan Robbins (guitar), and James McIver (banjo) under the name The Bottom Shelf Stringband, which seems to have become the name for any pickup bluegrass band with friends that needs a name to play under for a show. In any event, it’s a great lineup and I’ve heard great things about bluegrass night, I’m excited to finally have the chance to check it out. Music starts around 9 pm, and I hear there’s jamming both before and after the show.

Then on Wednesday (August 8th), I’m back at Cantab again with Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits. We’re opening this time for our pedal steel player, Dave Rizzuti’s band Candy Tangerine. Music starts at 8 pm and it’ll be our last show of the summer before Rachel heads back down to Philly. We’ve also been hard at work putting together an EP before she leaves, too–even though it won’t be available at the show, I’ll definitely make an announcement when it’s finished, as it’s coming along really well.

On Thursday (August 9th) I’m headed over to Precinct in Union Square to play as part of a show entitled Together We Fall Apart: A Live Mixtape. The clever show concept is a brainchild of my friends Steve and Kirsten from The Crazy Exes from Hell. Basically, they enlisted the help of many local musicians and performers to choose a tune from a list of breakup songs, arrange a cover, record it, and submit it to be part of a “mixtape” (on CD). The show on Thursday will basically be live performances of the songs from the album, and a copy of the album comes free with admission. I did a solo voice and bass cover of the Sam Cooke tune “Get Yourself Another Fool” (which I’m also just excited to now have in my repertoire) and will be performing alongside many friends and awesome fellow Boston-based musicians. Show starts at 8 pm.

Friday (August 10th) I’m headed to Andy’s Old Port Pub in Portland, ME with the Kristen Ford Band.

Also! I have some exciting news to share from the land of Ezekiel’s Wheels: we were recently invited to participate in the International Jewish Music Festival’s 3rd International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam! We were selected as one of 24 bands to compete (and we’re one of only two bands from the United States in the contest), and we’ll be in Europe for a week in October to play, attend the festival, and explore the area. We’ll be setting up a kickstarter campaign soon to help pay for travel and accommodation costs, and I’ll be posting with more information about that soon.

Whew, well that’s pretty much all for this week. Stay posted for more news about travel plans and upcoming albums!

Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits

This week I have a couple shows coming up featuring just-for-the-summer band Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits. The band is lead by singer-songwriter and baritone ukulele player Rachel Aumiller (who is just in town for the summer), and features a mix of original tunes and alt-country covers. Also featured in the band are James McIver (banjo), Dave Rizzuti (pedal steel), Ariel Bernstein (drums), and myself (upright bass and vocals). Here’s a video we made of just Rachel, James, and myself of one of Rachel’s tunes:

On Monday (July 16th), both Ethan Robbins and Cold Chocolate and Rachel’s band will be performing sets at Big Night Out at the Burren in Davis Square. Music starts around 8 pm and other bands featured will be Adela and Jude, Ocean vs Daughter, and England in 1819. The night is Wild West-themed.

Then on Wednesday (July 18th), Rachel’s band will be playing at the newly instated Country Wednesdays at the Cantab in Central Square. The show will start at 8:30 with Nick DiSebastian and Forbidden Fruit, followed by our set around 10.