Cold Chocolate Tour

Happy New Year, everyone! My first gigs of this year are all going to be with Cold Chocolate since we’re going on tour this week. I mentioned this briefly a couple weeks ago when we played the kickoff at Sally’s, but this weekend is when we’re really headed out.

211201_385753428185789_618925650_nOn Thursday (January 3rd), we’re going all the way to Baltimore. We’re playing at Joe Squared and opening for Sac Au Lait, a Baltimore-based Dixieland band. Music starts at 8:30 and goes all the way til midnight.

Friday (January 4th), we’re playing in Philadelphia at Milk Boy. The show starts at 9 pm and it’s a full lineup. Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits (which features much of Cold Chocolate) are opening, followed by the Belleville Quartet, Calico Fields, and then we’re closing out the night.

On Saturday (January 5th), we’ll be in New York City. It’s an early show at Piano’s starting at 7 pm with King Stork, and then Cold Chocolate.

Finally, on Sunday (January 6th) we’re playing in New Haven, CT. We’ll be at Stella Blues. The show starts at 9 pm with Five in the Chamber , and then we’re on til close.

We’re hoping to see lots of familiar faces along the way–come by to hear some great music and pick up our This Old Way EP!

Also, this is a little last minute, but for folks in the Boston area looking for something to do tonight, I’ll be playing some real straight ahead driving bluegrass with Ethan Robbins, James McIver (both of Cold Chocolate), and Frank Drake. We go on at 10 pm, and it’s free–come celebrate the new year with us!

ezekiel’s wheels at the lizard lounge

This Thursday (September 13th), I have a couple gigs in the evening:

First, at 6 pm, Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate will be playing downtown at the Capiz Lounge.

Then, I’m off to the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge to play with Ezekiel’s Wheels at 9 pm. We’re opening for the Macrotones, a local afrobeat band. We’ve been playing a bunch together recently in preparation for our performance at the International Jewish Music Festival, which is just a month away. (Our kickstarter page, which is helping fund travel costs, is only active for a few more days… please check it out and consider donating if you are able.)

Later this week, I’ll be playing at the Worcester StART on the Street festival on Sunday (September 16th) with Ethan Robbins and Frank Drake. It was a really fun festival last year, check it out if you’re in the area!

shows this week

Here are the details for a few shows I’m excited about playing this week:

First, tomorrow (Wednesday, September 5th), I’ll be joining the Kristen Ford Band for a set at Club Passim (47 Palmer Street in Harvard Square, Cambridge). We’ll be playing alongside Anna Rae and Samantha Ferrell for the official release of Anna’s new CD “Peddler’s Wares”. Passim is always a great venue to play, with a cozy, intimate feel and delicious food and drinks. For anyone out of town, the show will also be streaming through Concert Window. Music starts at 8 pm.

Second, on Thursday (September 6th), Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate is headed back to Providence for bluegrass night at Lola’s Cantina. We played there a little over a month ago and had a blast–there’s great food and a great crowd. We’ll be starting around 8 pm and going til close.

Third, on Friday (September 7th) I’ll be playing with Frank Drake at Salvatore’s (55 High Street in Medford). We’ll be playing alongside fiddler Dan Kellar, and doing a mix of bluegrass, country, and swing tunes. Frank and I have been working out some harmonies, too, so it’ll sound extra lovely. We’ll be playing from 8 pm til 11 pm.

UPDATE: I’ll be playing an early morning gig on Saturday (September 8th) with fellow upright bass player Tony Leva. We’re playing as part of Meet Me at the Mystic, an event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Mystic River Watershed Association. It looks like a lovely event with boating, artists, and musicians all along the river. Tony and I will be playing for an hour starting at 9:45 am–it’ll most likely be a mix of free improv and baroque duets. Come on by!

shows this week and Amsterdam in October!

I’ve got a bunch of fun shows this week:

Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 7th) I’m playing at the Cantab’s Tuesday bluegrass night. I’ll be playing with Frank Drake (mandolin), Ethan Robbins (guitar), and James McIver (banjo) under the name The Bottom Shelf Stringband, which seems to have become the name for any pickup bluegrass band with friends that needs a name to play under for a show. In any event, it’s a great lineup and I’ve heard great things about bluegrass night, I’m excited to finally have the chance to check it out. Music starts around 9 pm, and I hear there’s jamming both before and after the show.

Then on Wednesday (August 8th), I’m back at Cantab again with Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits. We’re opening this time for our pedal steel player, Dave Rizzuti’s band Candy Tangerine. Music starts at 8 pm and it’ll be our last show of the summer before Rachel heads back down to Philly. We’ve also been hard at work putting together an EP before she leaves, too–even though it won’t be available at the show, I’ll definitely make an announcement when it’s finished, as it’s coming along really well.

On Thursday (August 9th) I’m headed over to Precinct in Union Square to play as part of a show entitled Together We Fall Apart: A Live Mixtape. The clever show concept is a brainchild of my friends Steve and Kirsten from The Crazy Exes from Hell. Basically, they enlisted the help of many local musicians and performers to choose a tune from a list of breakup songs, arrange a cover, record it, and submit it to be part of a “mixtape” (on CD). The show on Thursday will basically be live performances of the songs from the album, and a copy of the album comes free with admission. I did a solo voice and bass cover of the Sam Cooke tune “Get Yourself Another Fool” (which I’m also just excited to now have in my repertoire) and will be performing alongside many friends and awesome fellow Boston-based musicians. Show starts at 8 pm.

Friday (August 10th) I’m headed to Andy’s Old Port Pub in Portland, ME with the Kristen Ford Band.

Also! I have some exciting news to share from the land of Ezekiel’s Wheels: we were recently invited to participate in the International Jewish Music Festival’s 3rd International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam! We were selected as one of 24 bands to compete (and we’re one of only two bands from the United States in the contest), and we’ll be in Europe for a week in October to play, attend the festival, and explore the area. We’ll be setting up a kickstarter campaign soon to help pay for travel and accommodation costs, and I’ll be posting with more information about that soon.

Whew, well that’s pretty much all for this week. Stay posted for more news about travel plans and upcoming albums!

weekend shows

Last week was a whirlwind of shows for the Bottom of the Well, Spider Cider, Kristen Ford Band tour, it was a lot of fun! It was also completely exhausting to play with three different bands (genre-wise, not personnel-wise) every night, so it’s been nice to be back in Boston and not sleeping on friends’ floors. It’s also been really exciting to have CDs for both Spider Cider and Bottom of the Well to share with folks at shows (I’ll be putting both online as soon as I can, along with some photos and videos from the tour, so stay tuned).

Now that I’m back in the area, I have some upcoming shows in town this weekend:

Tomorrow (Friday, April 27th) I’m playing with the Boston University Choral Society at Marsh Chapel starting at 8 pm. The concert will feature John Corigliano’s Fern Hill and Gabriel Faure’s Requiem.

Saturday afternoon (April 28th), I’ll be joining Kristen Ford down at Boston’s City Hall to play a short set as part of the Unite Against the War on Women rally happening all over the country. There will be speakers and music performances from 10 am until 2 pm–Kristen and I will be going on around noon. I’m even playing electric bass for this show, so I don’t have to lug the upright downtown, that’s pretty much a once-a-year event in itself.

Then, on Sunday (April 29th), Frank Drake and Cold Chocolate are teaming up for a show at Sally O’Brien’s in Union Square, so there’ll be a nice mix of bluegrass, western swing, and funk. Show goes from 5 til 7 pm.

Click here for more upcoming shows!

weekend shows

This weekend is pretty busy with upcoming shows:

Tomorrow night (Friday, March 30th), the Kristen Ford Band is doing a mini-tour of Somerville and Cambridge, thanks to some scheduling mishaps, but it’s going to be great. First, at 9 pm we’re going to open up for Jade Sylvan‘s CD release show at Radio in Union Square. Then, we’re off to headline a fundraiser for the Boston Dyke March at the Cantab in Central Square.

Saturday (March 31st), I’ll be playing a solo set at The Burrow collective house in Allston (contact me for the address) to open for the Dead Whale Ramblers, who are coming back though town (that’s them in the picture). They always put on a good show, so I’m excited to play with them. Also playing are Jon Lipscomb, and Of The Sun. Show starts at 7 pm.

Sunday (April 1st), I’ll be playing with Frank Drake at the Plough and Stars from 5 til 7–lots of bluegrass, country, and western swing.

Monday (April 2nd), my contradance band Forks of Nature will be playing the Scouthouse Contradance in Concord–it’ll be the first dance back with our double fiddle section!

Hope to see you around!

New Years Eve

This Saturday night (December 31st), I’ll be camping out at Sally O’Brien’s in Union Square in Somerville, MA and playing two separate shows to celebrate the new year.

First, from 6 pm til 9 pm I’ll be playing with Frank Drake (guitar), Jimmy Ryan (mandolin), Bob Metzger (pedal steel), and Ariel Bernstein (drums). I’ve played with Frank once before at Sally O’Brien’s and it was really fun — a mix of country, bluegrass, western swing, and jazz standards.

Conveniently enough (and surprisingly booked independently), I’m also playing the late show with the Kristen Ford Band. Opening for us at 9 pm will be Slowdim, and we’ll be playing around 10:30 or 11 pm until 2012… This show will be much more rock/pop oriented, and Kristen’s having us learn a whole bunch of great covers for everyone to sing and dance along to.

The whole night is $10 for all this music, plus free champagne at midnight — come on down!