bottom of the well in nyc on friday!

This Friday (August 17th), Bottom of the Well is going to travel down to New York City with fellow Boston-based duo Goli for a show at Caffe Vivaldi.

Bottom of the Well is opening the show around 8:30 pm, and playing for an hour. We haven’t played out in a little while (atleast as Bottom of the Well…) so we’re looking forward to trying out some new originals, a couple new covers, and some slightly-altered arrangements of some of our more standard tunes.

Around 9:45 pm, Goli will take over–they’re definitely worth checking out, either in NYC on Friday, or sometime back in Boston. They’re a duo of cello, voice, and marimba, and have lots of original songs with interesting arrangements. They’ve played Caffe Vivaldi many times and are pretty popular with the regular crowd there, so I’m excited to be opening for them.

It’s a free show (though donations and merch sales are always appreciated). If you’re in NYC, come check it out!

bottom of the well ep finally online!

Even though it was finished alongside the recordings I posted about months ago and has been available at shows, the Bottom of the Well demo never made it up online until just the other day. So I’m excited to say that our EP can finally be streamed and downloaded here on bandcamp.

For those who don’t know, Bottom of the Well is one of my main projects, and (along with Spider Cider) is one I’m actively writing music for. The band is just a duo comprised of myself and Ariel Bernstein, and is basically my solo stuff on upright bass and voice with the addition of drums. It’s an interesting experiment to be able to arrange tunes for a relatively sparse (and bottom heavy) instrumentation, but it’s a lot of fun, since both Ariel and myself have a lot more space to fill and play around with. This EP is on the short side at 3 tracks, but we’re planning to record more soon.

solo set and bottom of the well

I’m excited for these two shows early next week:

On Monday, May 28th, I’m playing a solo set as the musical feature for the Dirty Gerund poetry open mic at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester. I’ll also be playing and improvising with the house band all night to accompany the poets. Back in the fall, Spider Cider played as the musical feature (opposite poet Andrea Gibson!) and it was a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to playing again on Monday, and getting to check out the featured poet Aslan King. Show starts at 9 pm and it’s a suggested donation of $2.

Then, on Tuesday, May 29th, I’ll be at Sally O’Briens in Somerville, as usual, except Kristen Ford won’t be playing this week. Instead, Kara Kulpa will be filling in (backed by Ariel and myself) as the house band for the night. To open for her, Ariel and I will be playing a Bottom of the Well set–complete with our new EP! (We’re still working on getting the tracks up online, so for now it’s just available in person…) The show starts at 8 pm, and as always, it’s free!

weekend shows

Last week was a whirlwind of shows for the Bottom of the Well, Spider Cider, Kristen Ford Band tour, it was a lot of fun! It was also completely exhausting to play with three different bands (genre-wise, not personnel-wise) every night, so it’s been nice to be back in Boston and not sleeping on friends’ floors. It’s also been really exciting to have CDs for both Spider Cider and Bottom of the Well to share with folks at shows (I’ll be putting both online as soon as I can, along with some photos and videos from the tour, so stay tuned).

Now that I’m back in the area, I have some upcoming shows in town this weekend:

Tomorrow (Friday, April 27th) I’m playing with the Boston University Choral Society at Marsh Chapel starting at 8 pm. The concert will feature John Corigliano’s Fern Hill and Gabriel Faure’s Requiem.

Saturday afternoon (April 28th), I’ll be joining Kristen Ford down at Boston’s City Hall to play a short set as part of the Unite Against the War on Women rally happening all over the country. There will be speakers and music performances from 10 am until 2 pm–Kristen and I will be going on around noon. I’m even playing electric bass for this show, so I don’t have to lug the upright downtown, that’s pretty much a once-a-year event in itself.

Then, on Sunday (April 29th), Frank Drake and Cold Chocolate are teaming up for a show at Sally O’Brien’s in Union Square, so there’ll be a nice mix of bluegrass, western swing, and funk. Show goes from 5 til 7 pm.

Click here for more upcoming shows!

upcoming CDs!

So I just posted a few days ago about my upcoming week-long tour next week, and in addition to being excited about that, I’m also pumped to announce that two of my bands who are going on that tour will be done with debut EPs to bring on the road with us! Both were totally self-recorded and produced, since our drummer Ariel Bernstein also just happens to be a great sound engineer, and I think they both sound great.

The Bottom of the Well demo will feature three of my original tunes (which will even have actual titles that don’t include Ks or numbers!) with the full band of signing, upright bass, and drums. I even made stencils and spent hours labeling all of the covers. It’s exciting to finally have some nice recordings of BotW, and once we get back from tour, Ariel and I are excited to get started on the next batch of tunes to record.

As for the Spider Cider demo Basement Speeches, we’ve got four of our originals featuring rap, vocals, trombone, upright bass, and drums. Our awesome artist friend Cera Smith made some amazing stamps for us to print the album covers, I think they came out really well.

We’ll be putting both albums online super soon, too, for all of you who aren’t in Boston (or along our tour route).

Also check out this week’s upcoming shows!

April tour!

The next couple weeks are packed with upcoming shows in the Boston area with Spider Cider, the Kristen Ford Band, Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate, the Goodtime Stringband, Ezekiel’s Wheels and more, but I’m really excited about my upcoming tour around the northeast!

I’m headed out with Spider Cider, Bottom of the Well, and the Kristen Ford Band (believe it or not, it’s just 5 of us, and we actually have a couple other little bands within the group that might make appearances throughout the tour…) Here’s our route:

Monday, April 16th: Big Night Out Tour Kickoff at The Burren
Not only is this our tour kickoff, but if you need any more reasons to come out to Davis Square on a Monday, it’s also going to be the release of the Spider Cider and Bottom of the Well EPs (more details about that soon), there will be pirates, apparently, AND it will be my birthday at midnight. I’m pretty excited.

Tuesday, April 17th: House show in Philadelphia, PA
This was put together by my friend Rob, who’s been amazing on the show-organization front. There’s a full lineup of bands, it’ll be my birthday, and there will even a bake sale to help fund gas!

Wednesday, April 18th: Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, NYC
We’ll be joined by my good friend Alex Kramer, who will open for us with something amazing, for sure. Most likely involving banjo and overtone singing. Also joining us is Your Sister’s Canary.

Thursday, April 19th: The Raven in Worcester, MA
This one was put together by my friend Greg at a cool bar in Worcester. We’ll be playing with Shane Hall and The Safest Space.

Friday, April 20th: The Black Door in Montpelier, VT
We’re playing all night at a Mediterranean restaurant in Vermont, should be fun. I really like Montpelier a lot, so I’m excited to get to visit again.

Saturday, April 21st: The Arts Block in Greenfield, MA
This day is going to contain a lot of driving, since I’m playing with Forks of Nature at NEFFA that afternoon, but it’s going to work. The lineup is going to feature a bunch of Kristen’s friends from Western Mass.

Sunday, April 22nd: Flask Lounge in Portland, ME
We’re playing all night at a little bar in Portland, it’ll be a nice, chill end to our week of travels.

Wednesday, April 25th: Tour homecoming at The Milky Way in JP
We’re still fleshing out the lineup for this one, but it will definitely include Molly Zenobia, which is exciting. It’ll be a nice show to cap off the tour.

I’ll be posting again soon with more info about the soon-to-be-released demos for Bottom of the Well and Spider Cider (with pictures of our album art!), so stay tuned. I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces outside of Boston pretty soon!

Friday solo set, Bottom of the Well Tuesday

This week, I have a bunch of upcoming gigs, but in particular, I’m excited about a couple of them:

This Friday (March 23rd) I’m going to be playing a two hour solo set (!) at Byblos Lounge in Worcester. I’ve never played such a long solo set before, but now that I have a list of all the songs I know the words to, I’m pretty confident that it should be a good show, or atleast good stamina practice (it also means that Bottom of the Well will have plenty of new covers…) From the website, the bar looks new and pretty swanky, too, it should be a good time. I’ll be starting around 8:30 pm.

Then, on Tuesday (March 27th), I’ll be back at Sally O’Brien’s with the Kristen Ford Band, as usual, but it will be particularly exciting because Bottom of the Well is one of the special guest feature bands for the night. We’ll be playing a set at 7:30 pm, followed by the KFB, and School Tree. As always, there’s no cover.

Also stay tuned for info about my upcoming tour with Bottom of the Well, Spider Cider, and the Kristen Ford Band in April!