press quotes

“And then there was Kirsten Lamb…playing an acoustic double bass and singing an original song. I had no idea what to expect before she played but as she picked up the instrument, a new sound and energy came into the room. This was remarkable…The song’s authenticity and creativity marked out this brilliant young musician as someone to watch, someone who can take us to new vistas and teach us to listen with very different ears. Elvis Costello heard all this too, and said with great humility and generosity that he had nothing to add.”

Tony Woodcock, The Huffington Post

“[Kirsten Lamb’s] versatility and assurance will someday spark a bidding war.”

Steve Smith, The Boston Globe

“…an Oberlin-trained musician who is exploring new sonic terrain with the double bass.”

Kevin Coughlin,


With Ezekiel’s Wheels:

“Listening to Ezekiel’s Wheels is like listening to a good Jewish joke: even when you already know it, you enjoy hearing it again, provided that it’s told well. The jury commends the group for their feeling of the klezmer tradition. More than in many other groups, their playing struck the jury as a celebration of true musical democracy. For the audience it’s a joy to watch (and hear) how the group’s members really listen to each other, making room for each other and reacting to fine nuances and shifts in the playing of the other band members. The jury was particularly impressed by their rendition of La Rosa Enflorece: a beautifully structured and tasteful feat of creativity, with a special word of praise for their double bass player.”

Jury Review, International Jewish Music Festival 2012


With Cold Chocolate:

“Kirsten Lamb’s haunting voice and virtuoso bass playing were a standout in a very good band.”

Ted Lehmann, Ted Lehmann’s Bluegrass, Books, and Brainstorms

“Stars of [Cold Chocolate EP This Old Way]…are double-bassist Kirsten Lamb and loose-wristed drummer Ariel Bernstein. Obviously well-schooled in their instruments, this pair are, on this showing alone, probably one of the finest rhythm sections ever to have fetched up in the name of bluegrass.”

Micky Clark, Americana UK


With Rumbarroco:

“Kirsten Lamb navigated the ins and outs of a variety of styles as the bassist for the ensemble, equally at home on both a jazzy walking bass line and a basso-continuo style. Her ability to switch back and forth between styles provided graceful transitions both between pieces and sonic landscapes.”

Garry McLinn, The Boston Musical Intelligencer

“Bass lines of simple folk patterns gave way to complex jazz patterns and simmering improvisations.”

Elaine Schmidt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


With Spider Cider:

“Rising up from Lower Allston basements, SPIDER CIDER — with their unique combination of socially conscious hip-hop, funk, and folk — don’t sound quite like any other band playing Boston house shows. On debut EP Basement Speeches, upright bassist and vocalist Kirsten Lamb and percussionist Ariel Bernstein — who also perform together as a versatile rhythm duo under the name Bottom of the Well — combine forces with Pete Fanelli on trombone and the lyrical positivity of Jacob Dinklage’s rapping. The track “Family,” the first on the album, starts out with some low trombone before Dinklage’s voice busts in, spitting about love, trust, hope, and support. Lamb sing-speaks the chorus in her perfect jazz baritone, calling for community growth and liberation, showing that Spider Cider aren’t unique only because of their sound, but because of their empowering message.”

Emma Dessau, The Phoenix