musical storytelling

Coyote’s Crying Song

Developed in the fall of 2013 as a Musical Storytelling Fellow with the New England Conservatory’s Community Performances and Partnerships Program, Kirsten’s solo performance of the Native American fable Coyote’s Crying Song is a unique introduction to the upright bass, voice, and basic musical concepts through storytelling. Geared towards elementary school children, the presentation begins with a demonstration of the upright bass, which leads into the interactive story. Following the story, two basic rhythmic patterns based on the story’s characters are taught and performed by students, ultimately being accompanied by a song on the ukulele. Finally, the banjo is the last of the three instruments to be demonstrated, followed by time for children to ask questions.

Program length: 30-45 minutes
Recommended for ages 5 through 8 (though presentation can be modified for younger or older audiences)
If interested in bringing this program to a school, library, or other venue, please contact Kirsten for more information.