Kirsten is available to teach private and/or group lessons in the greater Boston area at affordable rates. A multi-instrumentalist and skilled performer of many styles of music, Kirsten is a knowledgeable and versatile teacher with experience teaching children, teenagers, and adults. Her goal is to develop musical appreciation and understanding with a strong foundation in theory and technique, while tailoring lessons to focus on students’ personal goals in a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere. Please get in touch to schedule lessons on any of the following instruments or topics!

Upright Bass

all levels, all styles
The upright bass provides the foundation for many styles of music, and as Kirsten’s primary instrument, she is comfortable focusing on just one, or working on multiple genres, both with and/or without the bow.

Bass Guitar

beginner and intermediate levels, all styles
Just like the upright bass, the bass guitar provides the foundation for many styles of music. Those with a particular interest in rock and pop music, or those interested in playing bass but have limited transportation options may opt for bass guitar over upright.


beginner and intermediate levels, all styles
Anyone who can talk can sing, and Kirsten is interested in working with those desiring greater control over their vocal capacities. She is also very experienced in singing while accompanying herself on different instruments, and is therefore able to coach anybody who wishes to develop the skills to be able to sing and play at the same time.


beginner and intermediate levels
Not only is piano a popular instrument, it’s a great first instrument for new musicians because of its relative technical ease when beginning to play. Additionally, having some basic piano proficiency is useful for any musician and is a great tool for understanding music theory.


beginner and intermediate levels, old time/clawhammer style
The banjo has a unique sound as either a solo or accompanying instrument. In particular, Kirsten is trained in the clawhammer style, often found in American folk and old time music.


beginner and intermediate levels, rock, pop, folk styles
For vocalists interested in picking up a great accompanying instrument, or for those who would like to become proficient with chords and scales, Kirsten is available for beginner guitar lessons.


beginner level
The ukulele is similar to the guitar in that it is great for vocalists who wish to accompany themselves on an instrument, plus it is more portable and easier for young children to hold and play.

Viola da Gamba

beginner and intermediate levels
The viola da gamba is an early predecessor to the upright bass—it’s bowed, tuned similarly to the bass (though it usually has six or seven strings), and has frets. Boston hosts a wonderful early music scene, and is therefore a great place to start playing viol!

Music Theory and Ear Training

all levels
While all instrumental and vocal lessons include music theory and ear training components, for those who want to focus solely on theory and aural skills, Kirsten is available for tutoring.


For those who desire to broaden their musical horizons beyond Western styles and traditions, Kirsten is available to teach classes and present lectures on music from all over the world.