I just finished updating the audio page so it now actually has audio, which is pretty exciting. I put up some Garlic & Moonshine recordings from back in April, some live recordings from my senior recital at Oberlin, a banjo tune I wrote… I’ll be adding to it and switching things out periodically, too, as some of my more current projects record (most likely after the holidays in early January), so check back periodically for newer stuff as well!

new lesson info!

I just finished updating the lessons page, so check it out and feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in lessons! Also, I tried to de-bug a number of little glitches around the site, so hopefully things are a little smoother and prettier. Let me know if you notice anything that needs fixing–any and all feedback is great!


I just posted a bunch of videos of Bottom of the Well, Ezekiel’s Wheels, and some performances at Oberlin, so please check them out if you’re interested. I’m hoping to upload mp3s of some of my other projects over the next few days, so pretty soon this website is going to be overflowing with media (a real change from the old site)!

Also coming: more info on teaching and lessons, as well as details for some exciting upcoming shows.

New Website!

Hey all,

I’m working on building up my new website! Right now you can find all the information from the old site by clicking on any of the links above, and I’ll be adding more information about myself as well as media (music, video, and photos coming soon!), and news. So please check back periodically for updates.

yea internet!