bottom of the well and cold chocolate

Tomorrow (Monday, September 17th), Bottom of the Well will be coming out of hibernation to play a set at Big Night Out at the Burren in Davis Square. We’ll be debuting a couple of new arrangements and sharing the stage with many other local singer-songwriters. Music starts at 8 pm, and we’re on around 10 pm.

Then on Wednesday (September 19th), Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate will be playing at the Middle East Upstairs. We’ll be opening for That Noble Fury, who are some friends of our banjo player James. Like Monday, the show starts at 8 pm and we’re up at 10.

I’ll be posting later this week about more information on a couple shows this weekend that I’m excited about–stay tuned!

shows this week

Here are the details for a few shows I’m excited about playing this week:

First, tomorrow (Wednesday, September 5th), I’ll be joining the Kristen Ford Band for a set at Club Passim (47 Palmer Street in Harvard Square, Cambridge). We’ll be playing alongside Anna Rae and Samantha Ferrell for the official release of Anna’s new CD “Peddler’s Wares”. Passim is always a great venue to play, with a cozy, intimate feel and delicious food and drinks. For anyone out of town, the show will also be streaming through Concert Window. Music starts at 8 pm.

Second, on Thursday (September 6th), Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate is headed back to Providence for bluegrass night at Lola’s Cantina. We played there a little over a month ago and had a blast–there’s great food and a great crowd. We’ll be starting around 8 pm and going til close.

Third, on Friday (September 7th) I’ll be playing with Frank Drake at Salvatore’s (55 High Street in Medford). We’ll be playing alongside fiddler Dan Kellar, and doing a mix of bluegrass, country, and swing tunes. Frank and I have been working out some harmonies, too, so it’ll sound extra lovely. We’ll be playing from 8 pm til 11 pm.

UPDATE: I’ll be playing an early morning gig on Saturday (September 8th) with fellow upright bass player Tony Leva. We’re playing as part of Meet Me at the Mystic, an event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Mystic River Watershed Association. It looks like a lovely event with boating, artists, and musicians all along the river. Tony and I will be playing for an hour starting at 9:45 am–it’ll most likely be a mix of free improv and baroque duets. Come on by!