This week at Johnny D’s and Sally O’s

203518_473186589387325_1790858286_nThis week I have a few weeknight shows:

Tomorrow (Wednesday, February 6th), I’ll be starting off the night by playing with Ezekiel’s Wheels at NewBridge on the Charles, a retirement community in Dedham, MA. Then, I’m off to Johnny D’s in Davis Square to play with the Kristen Ford Band. This is the last KFB show until the spring since Kristen’s about to go traveling all over the place for the next couple months, so don’t miss out! We’ll be going on last, around 10:30 pm.

On Thursday (February 7th), I’ll be playing with Cold Chocolate at Sally O’Brien’s in Union Square. We’re playing at 7 pm, opening up for our friends the Sprill Hill Rounders. It’ll be a fun night of bluegrass–come hear how we’ve been arranging some of the newer tunes to get them ready to record later this month!

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