shows this weekend

The Cold Chocolate tour was a success–we arrived back to Boston late Sunday night exhausted from four days of traveling and playing. It was great to see a bunch of friends in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and New Haven, and to hear all the wonderful bands who played alongside us along the way. The shows were well-attended and well-received, I’m looking forward to go out on the road again (which will probably be in April with Ezekiel’s Wheels, but more on that later).
Now that I’m back in town, I have a few shows coming up in the Boston area this weekend:

On Friday night (January 11th), Ezekiel’s Wheels is playing an intimate house concert in Hingham, MA (contact me if you are interested in attending and I will send more details). We’re mostly excited to play in public in the greater Boston area again, though we are also testing out the space for acoustics. We’re planning on recording a full-length album over the next couple months, so finding a space in which we sound good is key. Nat and Jon have been writing a ton of original music recently, some of which we will debut on Friday night, and a lot of which will most likely end up on the album, which is really exciting.

On Saturday (January 12th), I have two gigs. First, from 10 am til noon, Ezekiel’s Wheels will be playing at the Providence Farmers Market, also debuting new material and trying things out for the album. Second, I’ll be headed to Framingham, MA to play a concert with Animal Farm, the kid’s music band I joined recently.

More to come about upcoming recordings (both with bands and solo), tours, and even a grad school audition!

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