Cold Chocolate Tour

Happy New Year, everyone! My first gigs of this year are all going to be with Cold Chocolate since we’re going on tour this week. I mentioned this briefly a couple weeks ago when we played the kickoff at Sally’s, but this weekend is when we’re really headed out.

211201_385753428185789_618925650_nOn Thursday (January 3rd), we’re going all the way to Baltimore. We’re playing at Joe Squared and opening for Sac Au Lait, a Baltimore-based Dixieland band. Music starts at 8:30 and goes all the way til midnight.

Friday (January 4th), we’re playing in Philadelphia at Milk Boy. The show starts at 9 pm and it’s a full lineup. Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits (which features much of Cold Chocolate) are opening, followed by the Belleville Quartet, Calico Fields, and then we’re closing out the night.

On Saturday (January 5th), we’ll be in New York City. It’s an early show at Piano’s starting at 7 pm with King Stork, and then Cold Chocolate.

Finally, on Sunday (January 6th) we’re playing in New Haven, CT. We’ll be at Stella Blues. The show starts at 9 pm with Five in the Chamber , and then we’re on til close.

We’re hoping to see lots of familiar faces along the way–come by to hear some great music and pick up our This Old Way EP!

Also, this is a little last minute, but for folks in the Boston area looking for something to do tonight, I’ll be playing some real straight ahead driving bluegrass with Ethan Robbins, James McIver (both of Cold Chocolate), and Frank Drake. We go on at 10 pm, and it’s free–come celebrate the new year with us!

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