Saturday night at the Blue Note

This Saturday (December 29th), I’m really excited to be playing at the Blue Note in New York City! I’ll be playing with Evan Greer and Spiritchild under the name Back to the Roots. I’ve played with the two of them several times before in the Boston area and it’s a fun project. Evan’s a riot-folk singer, Spiritchild is a hip hop emcee and producer, and their musical collaboration brings both genres back to their roots as a political force, with an infectious live energy. The band’s debut album will be coming out sometime next year (in fact, I will be recording bass on it this weekend), but until then, the only chance to hear the group is in person.

On Saturday, we’ll be playing a short feature set as part of the thirteenth anniversary celebration of Spiritchild’s band Mental Notes. It’s an amazing opportunity to get to perform alongside this lineup and at this legendary venue. It’s a late show–we’re starting at midnight and it’s $10.

Hope to see some NYC friends this weekend!

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