weekend shows and media!

I have a bunch of upcoming shows this weekend, and some relevant media to share:

First, on Friday (November 30th), I’ll be playing a solo set at Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge. The last Friday of every month, my friend Nicole D’Amico and her band hosts a night of live music starting at 8 pm, and I’m looking forward to playing at this month’s. It’s been awhile since I played a public solo set, but I’ve been working on solo arrangements a lot recently for my grad school audition tape. Here’s a track from the recording I made over the weekend, as a preview for the stuff I’ll be doing on Friday. It’s a recomposition of a tune by my friends’ band The Bearcubes, and it can also now be found (along with a new solo arrangement of my original tune “Lullaby for Virginia Woolf”) on my audio page:

Then, on Saturday (December 1st), once I breathe a sigh of relief after submitting my grad school application, I’m headed downtown to play on The Birn (Berklee’s radio station) with Cold Chocolate. We’ll be playing roughly around 4 pm, so tune in to hear us live on the radio!

On Sunday (December 2nd), Ezekiel’s Wheels is headed out to Worcester for Klezmer Konquest at the Worcester JCC. We’re a little perplexed by how come we keep getting roped into klezmer battles of the bands, though we’ve also been told that the “konquest” part of the night is mostly just for the sake of advertising alliteration. Apparently it’s not actually a contest, and instead just a concert featuring three local klezmer bands, but that’s probably for the best.

On the topic of Jewish music competitions, though, the hour-long TV documentary of the big finale concert at the International Jewish Music Festival is completed and can be viewed on the Joodse Omroep network’s website. It’s mostly in Dutch, and we come in about 35 minutes into it, but the whole show is worth watching.

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