KFO video and Saturday show

I’ve been doing a poor job of updating about upcoming shows this month, but to make up for it, here’s a video from the latest Kristen Ford Band performance at the Somerville Theater last week to close out Brendan Burns’s Timestamp release, to get you pumped for our Saturday show at Bull McCabes in Somerville. I’m hidden behind a wall of horns (!!), but you can certainly hear the harmonies on the chorus (apparently my mic was louder in the house than in the monitors…)

It was a great show with a lot of interesting (and varied!) performances, as well as the debut for the Timestamp documentary. It was also super fun (and epic) to play with a 14-piece band.

Anyway, the show on Saturday (November 24th) starts at 9 pm. I’ll be backing Kara Kulpa to open it up, then Ruby Fox will take over at 10 pm, and I’ll be back up with the Kristen Ford Band at 11. Come by if you’re in town!

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