Off to Amsterdam!

I played some great gigs this weekend with Spider Cider, Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate, and the Kristen Ford Band, though I unfortunately wasn’t able to post beforehand with details since things have been a little crazy recently with travel preparations. I have been posting over the past couple months about Ezekiel’s Wheels playing at the International Jewish Music Festival. After weeks of fundraising, rehearsals crammed into the crevices of our schedules, and sorting out all sorts of logistics, I’m excited that we’re finally heading off to Amsterdam tomorrow! We’ll be flying all night, stopping over in Iceland for a couple early hours on Tuesday morning, and getting into Holland in the early afternoon. Of course, the first stop is the bass shop where I’ll be renting an instrument–even though I’m a little bummed to not be using my instrument for the festival, I am looking forward to trying out a bunch of Dutch basses.

The festival officially starts on Wednesday night, but we’re looking forward to getting in a little early to adjust to the time difference, as well as having some time to rehearse (both in the practice room and in the street). We’ll be playing on Thursday during the day, and if we do well, we’ll also be playing Thursday night. Our goal is to make it all through the different stages of the contest and to the Sunday evening concert–there are a bunch of really exciting prizes for the winning ensembles. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting as often as I can with updates on the competition, as well as our antics around the city. Even though the festival ends on the 14th, I’m planning on staying for a full extra week, so I’ll also post some pictures from whatever I happen to photograph in my extra week abroad.

Thanks again to everyone who’s been keeping up with Ezekiel’s Wheels as we’ve been preparing for this festival. We had an amazing outpour of support through our Kickstarter campaign, and continue to receive many friendly notes of well-wishes and suggestions of things we must see and do while in Amsterdam. I’m sure there will be many great stories to share very soon.

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