Mierlita debut!

This weekend I have a couple gigs I’m looking forward to, including the performance debut of a new band!

On Saturday (September 22nd) I’ll be playing at Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge–it’s a neat, quirky little art gallery that also has a lot of live music and other community events going on. Saturday’s festivities include a BBQ and an open mic starting around 7. Around 9, I’ll be playing a few solo tunes to open up for the newly-formed Meirlita (which is pronounced meer-LITZ-uh and means “blackbird” in Moldovan). This band is the brainchild of fiddler Jon Cannon, who I play with in a number of other groups. Last summer, Jon and and violinist Abigale Reisman (who is also in Mierlita) traveled to Moldova to study the the local traditional violin style. They learned a ton of really gorgeous melodies as well as the unique ornamentation and phrasing that embellishes those melodies. Jon’s idea was to set these melodies (played by two fiddlers) to a gypsy jazz rhythm section, which is where I come in on bass, along with Sasha Kern on guitar. We haven’t been playing together long (yet), but I’m excited by the sets of tunes we’ve put together in that short time. Hopefully we’ll be putting together some kind of recording in the near future that’s a step up from the recordings on Jon’s phone which are currently on our soundcloud page… Anyway, if you’re in the Boston area on Saturday, I definitely recommend checking out all the music (and food) happening at Out of the Blue.

Then, on Sunday (September 23rd), I’m playing with Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate at Toad in Porter Square. I’ve surprisingly never been to Toad, even though it’s one of the most popular acoustic venues in the area. I’m looking forward to my first time being a performance–it should be a good one, too, we’ll be playing some new songs and new arrangements. We’ve been playing a bunch recently in preparation for starting recording on our first full-lenght album, which will hopefully be ready by next summer. We’ll be recording everything ourselves over the next several months. Our first recording weekend is coming up in November, so it’ll be great to be trying out new arrangements and tunes at upcoming shows. Sunday’s Toad show will start at 9 pm.

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