Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits

This week I have a couple shows coming up featuring just-for-the-summer band Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits. The band is lead by singer-songwriter and baritone ukulele player Rachel Aumiller (who is just in town for the summer), and features a mix of original tunes and alt-country covers. Also featured in the band are James McIver (banjo), Dave Rizzuti (pedal steel), Ariel Bernstein (drums), and myself (upright bass and vocals). Here’s a video we made of just Rachel, James, and myself of one of Rachel’s tunes:

On Monday (July 16th), both Ethan Robbins and Cold Chocolate and Rachel’s band will be performing sets at Big Night Out at the Burren in Davis Square. Music starts around 8 pm and other bands featured will be Adela and Jude, Ocean vs Daughter, and England in 1819. The night is Wild West-themed.

Then on Wednesday (July 18th), Rachel’s band will be playing at the newly instated Country Wednesdays at the Cantab in Central Square. The show will start at 8:30 with Nick DiSebastian and Forbidden Fruit, followed by our set around 10.

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