Cold Chocolate EP release residency

Tomorrow morning (Saturday, June 9th), I’m going to be playing at the Union Square Farmers Market with Ethan Robbins and Frank Drake starting at 11 am. We’ll be promoting This Old Way, the new Cold Chocolate EP, as well as the Cold Chocolate residency at Sally O’Briens.

For the remaining three Tuesdays in June, Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate is going to be taking over Tuesday nights at Sally O’Brien’s in Union Square in Somerville. It’ll be similar to the format from the Kristen Ford Band residency, with an opener at 8, followed by a short set from Cold Chocolate, another guest feature, and then a longer set from Cold Chocolate until close. We’re really excited to have weekly shows, as well as to promote This Old Way.

I’ll be updating with reminders and announcing the guest features–this Tuesday (June 12th), for our first show we’ll be featuring Summer of Aden and Odessa Rose as our guest bands. Come on down–as always for Tuesdays at Sally’s, there’s no cover.

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