Ezekiel’s Wheels EP online!

The third EP in the recent string of recordings by various projects I’m in is from Ezekiel’s Wheels, the klezmer band I’ve been playing with since moving to Boston. It’s always a blast to play with this band since everyone is so talented and interested in klezmer music, but makes sure not to take the band too seriously… there’ve been plenty of silly antics at performances both planned and not, but we’ve never had any professional quality recordings to offer at shows or online until about a month ago.

Back in March we won some studio time (and medals!) through the Boston Jewish Music Festival’s Klezmer Idol competition. It was a pretty hilarious little competition, having a bunch of local klezmer bands battle it out in front of a live audience, but there were lots of really appreciative listeners in the audience and many friendly musicians backstage, it was a lot of fun.

In terms of the actual recording, we put the demo together pretty quickly, sussing out arrangements over a month or so, and then recording it all in one day back in May. We “officially” released it at our Atwoods show a couple weeks ago, but we just got it up online–you can stream it and download it here on bandcamp. Enjoy!

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