shows this weekend

This weekend I’m playing a couple shows:

On Friday, June 1st, the Kristen Ford Band is going to be playing its last show for a while, since Kristen is about to head out on a month-long tour in June with fellow Boston singer-songwriter Anna Rae. We’ll be playing at none other than Sally O’Brien’s in Union Square in Somerville, for what will be an appropriate finale to our 5-month weekly residency. (Don’t worry, though–we’ll be back every now and then for Kristen’s new Tuesday night Sally O’Brien’s venture: Panda Bar.) Along with Kristen and Anna, the show on Friday will also feature Ariel Rubin. Doors open at 7:30, and music goes from 8:30 til close.

Then on Saturday, June 2nd, I’m headed up to New Hampshire with the rest of Forks of Nature to play the Deerfield Contradance. We’ll be playing from 8 until 11 pm.

Also, if the weather is nice on Sunday, Ezekiel’s Wheels might do some busking around Davis Square in the later afternoon–come say hi!

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