solo set and bottom of the well

I’m excited for these two shows early next week:

On Monday, May 28th, I’m playing a solo set as the musical feature for the Dirty Gerund poetry open mic at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester. I’ll also be playing and improvising with the house band all night to accompany the poets. Back in the fall, Spider Cider played as the musical feature (opposite poet Andrea Gibson!) and it was a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to playing again on Monday, and getting to check out the featured poet Aslan King. Show starts at 9 pm and it’s a suggested donation of $2.

Then, on Tuesday, May 29th, I’ll be at Sally O’Briens in Somerville, as usual, except Kristen Ford won’t be playing this week. Instead, Kara Kulpa will be filling in (backed by Ariel and myself) as the house band for the night. To open for her, Ariel and I will be playing a Bottom of the Well set–complete with our new EP! (We’re still working on getting the tracks up online, so for now it’s just available in person…) The show starts at 8 pm, and as always, it’s free!

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