basement speeches online!

Recently I posted about debuting some new CDs, so I’m excited to announce that the Spider Cider EP Basement Speeches can now be streamed and downloaded here on our fancy new bandcamp page. This is the band’s first studio recording, and it features four original tracks.

For those who don’t know, Spider Cider is currently one of my primary musical projects here in Boston. Musically, it’s mainly a mixture of hip hop and jazz and it’s one of the couple bands I’m actively writing for (the other being Bottom of the Well). The group also features Jacob Dinklage (rap, spoken word), Pete Fanelli (trombone), and Ariel Bernstein (drums, as well as recording, mixing, and mastering for this album). It’s really exciting to play and write with such talented musicians, and to explore how much can be done on both the upright bass and the voice in this setting. Stay tuned for more Spider Cider recordings, too–even though we just finished this EP, we already have a growing queue of new tunes we’re itching to record. And if you’re in the area, come check us out at our next show on Tuesday, May 15 at Sally O’Brien’s in Union Square!

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