upcoming CDs!

So I just posted a few days ago about my upcoming week-long tour next week, and in addition to being excited about that, I’m also pumped to announce that two of my bands who are going on that tour will be done with debut EPs to bring on the road with us! Both were totally self-recorded and produced, since our drummer Ariel Bernstein also just happens to be a great sound engineer, and I think they both sound great.

The Bottom of the Well demo will feature three of my original tunes (which will even have actual titles that don’t include Ks or numbers!) with the full band of signing, upright bass, and drums. I even made stencils and spent hours labeling all of the covers. It’s exciting to finally have some nice recordings of BotW, and once we get back from tour, Ariel and I are excited to get started on the next batch of tunes to record.

As for the Spider Cider demo Basement Speeches, we’ve got four of our originals featuring rap, vocals, trombone, upright bass, and drums. Our awesome artist friend Cera Smith made some amazing stamps for us to print the album covers, I think they came out really well.

We’ll be putting both albums online super soon, too, for all of you who aren’t in Boston (or along our tour route).

Also check out this week’s upcoming shows!

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