April tour!

The next couple weeks are packed with upcoming shows in the Boston area with Spider Cider, the Kristen Ford Band, Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate, the Goodtime Stringband, Ezekiel’s Wheels and more, but I’m really excited about my upcoming tour around the northeast!

I’m headed out with Spider Cider, Bottom of the Well, and the Kristen Ford Band (believe it or not, it’s just 5 of us, and we actually have a couple other little bands within the group that might make appearances throughout the tour…) Here’s our route:

Monday, April 16th: Big Night Out Tour Kickoff at The Burren
Not only is this our tour kickoff, but if you need any more reasons to come out to Davis Square on a Monday, it’s also going to be the release of the Spider Cider and Bottom of the Well EPs (more details about that soon), there will be pirates, apparently, AND it will be my birthday at midnight. I’m pretty excited.

Tuesday, April 17th: House show in Philadelphia, PA
This was put together by my friend Rob, who’s been amazing on the show-organization front. There’s a full lineup of bands, it’ll be my birthday, and there will even a bake sale to help fund gas!

Wednesday, April 18th: Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, NYC
We’ll be joined by my good friend Alex Kramer, who will open for us with something amazing, for sure. Most likely involving banjo and overtone singing. Also joining us is Your Sister’s Canary.

Thursday, April 19th: The Raven in Worcester, MA
This one was put together by my friend Greg at a cool bar in Worcester. We’ll be playing with Shane Hall and The Safest Space.

Friday, April 20th: The Black Door in Montpelier, VT
We’re playing all night at a Mediterranean restaurant in Vermont, should be fun. I really like Montpelier a lot, so I’m excited to get to visit again.

Saturday, April 21st: The Arts Block in Greenfield, MA
This day is going to contain a lot of driving, since I’m playing with Forks of Nature at NEFFA that afternoon, but it’s going to work. The lineup is going to feature a bunch of Kristen’s friends from Western Mass.

Sunday, April 22nd: Flask Lounge in Portland, ME
We’re playing all night at a little bar in Portland, it’ll be a nice, chill end to our week of travels.

Wednesday, April 25th: Tour homecoming at The Milky Way in JP
We’re still fleshing out the lineup for this one, but it will definitely include Molly Zenobia, which is exciting. It’ll be a nice show to cap off the tour.

I’ll be posting again soon with more info about the soon-to-be-released demos for Bottom of the Well and Spider Cider (with pictures of our album art!), so stay tuned. I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces outside of Boston pretty soon!

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