shows this weekend

This weekend I’m playing a few shows:

Friday night (February 17th) I’ll be at the Rosebud in Davis Square with Ethan Robbins & Cold Chocolate. We’re kicking off the show at 9 pm, and then will be followed by In One Wind, Plumerai, and Beta Phase.

Saturday night (February 18th) I’ll be starting out playing with the Kristen Ford Band at Passim for their winter Campfire show. We’ll be playing at 7 pm on Saturday, but it’s a weekend-long festival featuring bands from all over, so it’s worth checking out as much of the festival as possible.

After the Passim set, I’ll be headed over to a show at the Burrow Collective house (contact me for the address) for a set with Bottom of the Well. I’ve been learning and writing some new tunes, which we’ll be performing. Also playing are Words Like Earth, Allison Francis, and Felicia and the Dinosaur (who’s visiting all the way from Portland, OR!) Show will start around 8:30 pm.

Finally, I’m also excited to report that the trombone tracks have now been recorded for the upcoming Spider Cider debut EP, so as soon as Ariel can mix everything, we’ll be having an EP release party!

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