Bottom of the Well and KFO shows

This Thursday (December 15th) Bottom of the Well is going to be playing at the Armory Cafe (in the big castle-looking building on Highland Ave. in Somerville). We’ve been working on a bunch of new material, which is exciting–we’ll be playing mostly original tunes on Thursday (and we’re hoping to actually record some of it as soon as we get back from the holidays). The show starts at 8 pm with singer/songwriter Jess Baggia, followed by the bluesy/oldtimey band Shadow Waltz, and we’ll be finishing up the evening.

Saturday night (December 17th) I’ll be playing with the Kristen Ford Band, back at Precinct. Kristen’s CD release show last month was super fun and completely sold out, and we’re hoping to put on another energetic show for a big crowd this weekend. Also playing with us are The Rex Complex, Ruin/Renewal, Preamble, and Emmy Cerra. Music starts at 8 pm.

Also, as soon as I have the chance, I’m going to be posting some new videos (of Bottom of the Well and Ezekiel’s Wheels), as well as the recording of the radio show I was on over the weekend.

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