klezmer house show

This Saturday (October 22nd), Ezekiel’s Wheels is performing publicly again for the first time in about a year. We were on hiatus much of this past year because our clarinetist Nat Seelen was away in DC, but now he’s back in Boston and we’re playing together again, and have even added a fifth wheel: Abigale Reisman on fiddle!

The show on Saturday will start as promptly as possible at 8 pm with the Flying Dave Terraces, which will feature Zoe Christiansen on clarinet and David Simmons (all the way from Burlington, VT!) on accordion. We’ll be following with Ezekiel’s Wheels right after, playing sets both as a quartet, and as a quintet with Abigale. We’ll be doing a mix of klezmer and Balkan tunes, debuting some tunes our fiddler Jon Cannon learned while abroad in Moldova this summer, probably throwing in some of our classic klezmer 90s pop covers…

All these shenanigans and more will be happening at The Burrow, a collective house in Lower Allston. Please contact me for the address, or with any other questions.

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