House show and Philly

This week has been pretty fun gig-wise. The mini tour on Sunday and Monday went super well–got to hear (and play behind) some great poets and meet a bunch of friendly folks in Portland and Wuhstah…

…and the Spider Cider/Bottom of the Well tour continues on Saturday evening (October 15th) in Cambridge! We’ll be playing an adorable house show which features not only live music, but lots of pots of soup. We’re aiming to start playing around 9:30 pm.

The next morning, Bottom of the Well is headed down to Philadelphia to join back up with the Box Five Edgar Allan Poe tour. Again, we’ll be at L’etage playing at 8 pm. Ariel and I will be playing with Box Five, as well as doing a repeat performance of our three stanzas of The Raven as Bottom of the Well.

I’ll be hanging around in Philadelphia for most of next week, since Thursday night I’ll be playing with Bottom of the Well and Rachel Aumiller at the Society of Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy Conference. We’ll be playing from 10 pm til midnight while philosophers schmooze and drink wine.

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