Spider Cider & Bottom of the Well mini-tour

So there are some exciting recent additions to Spider Cider: the once folky hip hop trio is shifting towards a force of hip hop funk with horn players Pete Fanelli (trombone) and Nat Seelen (tenor sax). We’ve only had one full rehearsal so far, but it was epic. We’ll have a proper debut with both Nat and Pete sometime in November, but until then, one or both of them may come play at some of our upcoming shows this month.

And speaking of upcoming shows, before we added horns, Spider Cider wound up booking a mini-tour for this Sunday (the 9th) and Monday (the 10th) in Portland, ME and Worcester, MA, respectively. Conveniently, Bottom of the Well is a band-within-a-band, so Ariel and I will be doing some of our duo stuff at these shows as well.

Here are the details:

On Sunday, October 9th we’ll be headed up to Portland, ME to play at the Rhythmic Cypher at Slainte Wine Bar. Spider Cider will be playing as a trio, along with John “Survivor” Blake. Show starts at 8 pm.

Then, on Monday, October 10th, we’ll be playing in Worcester, MA as the featured band at the Dirty Gerund Open Mic at Ralph’s Rock Diner. Pete Fanelli will be joining us on trombone. Also featured is poet Andrea Gibson (who I’m personally pumped to see) and some kind of haiku scavenger hunt… show starts at 9 pm.

Also coming up in October: Bottom of the Well goes to Philly! More details soon.

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